Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cryx Witch 3, Bolshevik Chick and Clix Whip Girl

Warmachine Iron Kingdoms Cryx Egregore Witch (#3)

Copplestone "Natasha" Bolshevik Heropine/Spy

"Sexy Whip girl" Sydney Savage IndyClix Repaint

Big Bronze Cthulu, Sexy Geisha and War Ape

Big Bronze Cthule Statue (or is it?)

Comparison with an Eldar Dire Avenger

Chronoscope Oyuki Sexy Geisha Assassin

D&D Chainmail War Ape (this is the superior METAL figure, not the plastic D&D version)

A Place for Painted Minis on Sale

I've got the plain old "Minismith's Forge" blog for minis I've painted for myself. But what about all those figs that I've painted for sale on ebay? That's where this one comes in. My ebay seller name is minismith so go to ebay and bid often!

I'll put up pics of the newly painted figs for sale on ebay here and maybe tell a little bit about them. I'll also put up some of the older figs that sold long long ago, like this--

Chronoscope Ebony Foxx. I LOVE this minis and the way the shirt came out- almost see-through.

Foundry Street Violence sexy biker Chick. She came out pretty good too, I love her face adn the attitude she's got.

Chronoscope "Peaches" Biker Chick. This one came out better than I expected. I need to get another one of her...