Monday, November 29, 2010

Alien Pharoah Monument by Armorcast

Not actually finished, but partially painted in a sort of Abe Sapien color scheme. Based on a standard-sized CD. The Tethru Slinger is NOT included, it's only to help show the size.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ororo (Isis Priestess), Rocket Lobster (Johnson) and Skeletal Sorceror

Celtos Danu Priestess Converted to "Ororo" Priestess of Isis

"Rocket Lobster" Pulp Sci-Fi Rocketeer Hero (Lobster Johnson HeroClix conversion)

Skeletal Necromancer Undead Sorceror/Wizard

Aliens-type Monsters, 3 Harlequins and a Wyvern

2 LAB Aliens/Xenomorph Monsters by Cell

# Rogue Trader 40K Old School Eldar Harlequins

Grendel Resin Wyvern Dragon

Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Killer Chicks and a lil' Green Cthulu

Reaper Sela Windsprite Elf Pirate with a Monkey on her back

Sexy Female Assassin Gunfighter Tiger Lily 11 (yes this is the 11th version of Tiger Lily I've done- obsessed?)

Warzone Dark Legion Female Nepharite Ilian

Green Cthulu Statue

Araktobroods, Warzone Callistonian Sundancer and Reaper of Souls

Koralon Araktobrood Female "Mermaid"

Koralon Araktobrood Bull "Merman"

Warzone Callistonian Sundancer Dark Legion Sniper Assassin

Warzone Dark Legion Cult Reaper of Souls Assassin

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ammut Beast, Necromunda Spyrer, RAFM Demon

Ammut Beast Egyptian Mythology Crocodile/Lion/Hippo Monster

Trinity Necromunda Spyrer Yeld/Malcadon Spider Rig

RAFM Demon/Devil Big Evil Satyr/Faun

Ral Partha Wizard, Female Ogryn and 2 Blade Maidens

Ral Partha Mysterious Wizard/Fighter with Magic Sword and gauntlet

Rogue Trader 40K Female Ogryn

2 Chronpopia Sons of Kronos Blade Maidens

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dark Jedi Knight, Revenant Elf Chick and Ragman

Dark Jedi/Sith Knight (Star Wars Miniatures repaint)

Foundry Revenant Elf Alatha/Gothic Vampire Chick

Heartbreaker Magic the Gathering Ragman miniature