Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Celtos Sexy Sorceress Necromancer Witch Modron

An excellent Kev White sculpt...

2 40K Chaos Mutants (Beastman and "regular" Mutant)

40K Beastman Sgt. Chaos Warrior (from the old Shockforce line of miniatures)

40K Mutant Minion Chaos Trooper (from the old Shockforce line of miniatures)

40K Chaos Space Marine Captain and Leviathan Everhungry Troll Monster

"Scourge" Chaos Space Marine Captain (Space Wolf Paint 'Conversion')

Leviathan Everhungry Troll-like Monster

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alien Eggs and Youngster AND Fat Little Chaos Familiar with Rock

From the Olde Lab Game from Cell Entertainment A Clutch of Alien Eggs and A recently hatched lil' Alien.

Also from Lab, A Fat Little Guy with a Rock that would make a fun Chaos familiar.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sexy Sci-Fi Assassin and Steampunk Superman

Valerien Bourmont Sexy Sci-Fi Assassin

Steampunk Superman (1999 Angelic Warrior with Power Claws)

I'm pretty sure both of these are Werner Klocke sculpts...

Female Basti Harbinger and Blue Alien Pirate Chick

Original Female Basti Harbinger

Sexy blue Alien Pirate Chick (Dark Age Forsaken Reaver)

Razide with Hellblaster, Running Cyborg Chick, and an Undead Cossack

Warzone Dark Eden Razide with Hellblaster Conversion

Running Cyborg Chick with 'Techlocks' (Cyberball figure conversion)

Flintloque Undead Cossack/Czarist Soldier